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Faser Invoice Import

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  rev. 24/01/2011        

I. Converting Faser output to ManagingEnergy invoice import format

The output from Faser is provided as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which looks something like the image below.

In order to import this data into ManagingEnergy, it must be converted to a format that is useable with the invoice import process.

The program which does this conversion is implemented as a command in the MECMD command line tool.  A developer will need to build and install this tool from the source repository for you. (At the time of writing, it is in the dev branch).

The command is executed as follows:

> MECMD faser2invimport -inputFile <name of file>

An output file name can optionally be specified.  (Run MECMD faser2invimport /? for details).

The resulting spreadsheet (<name of input file> -output.<extension of input file> by default) will contain a number of sheets

(Sheet 1) - a list of accounts and the associated tariff components.

(Account List) - The account numbers and names

(Sheet 3 - Sheet n) - The invoice information for the accounts.

Sheets 3-n contain the invoice information. Invoice details for accounts sharing the same set of tariff components will be on the same sheet.




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