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Bug Tickets and zendesk

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  rev. 25/02/2011        

When a Zendesk agent is logged in to Zendesk they have the ability to create a ticket on a ManagingEnergy user's behalf.  To do this choose New from the right side of the menu bar inside of Zendesk.  At the top of the screen you then have an option to type in the Requester you are submitting the ticket for, or you can leave that blank and submit it on behalf of yourself.

Both Channel partners and MEI agents have the ability to set the Problem Area (Internal) field if the Problem area is outside of the Problem field list of responses.  All agents can also set the Bug Feature, channel partners should only ever set the Bug Feature field to Bug (they shouldn't set the second level of this field) if they are fairly certain that the problem is a bug.

MEI staff who find a bug that wasn't brought forth by someone outside of the company should only enter the bug in to JIRA.  Zendesk is our external ticketing tool.  JIRA is our tool for tracking bugs.  When a bug is discovered by an external user then Zendesk is used to correspond with the customer and JIRA is used to track progress internally.

Tickets from zendesk can be pushed to JIRA for better tracking in our internal process.


Using the Bug Feature Field in Zendesk

End users don't see this field.  However, channel partner agents do.

If a user finds a bug that doesn't have a code fix yet then this field is set to Bug, Bug.

If it is a minor bug with no urgency to fix it then with the approval of the dev lead and the product manager this field may be set to Bug, Bug - Fixed in Future Release.  The user is informed of the status.

If it is a bug which has a code fix that will be out in the next release then set the ticket to Bug, Bug - Fixed in Next Release.


Something which still needs to get worked out are Pending tickets.  They currently switch to Solved after 7 days.  We'll need to update the automation to not changed to Solved for items which have this field set to any type of Bug.  In that way once Bug, Bug changes to Bug, Bug - Fixed... we can track either of those other two options and notify users when the fix is completed and the ticket can have the Bug status removed and closed as resolved.

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