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  rev. 2007-12-04        

ManagingEnergy Web Reports supports logging events to the Windows event log. Due to security restrictions, Windows does not allow the processes running the ASP.NET application to access the event log. In order to allow for ManagingEnergy Web Reports to write to the event log the Windows registry must be modified. The following describes the steps required to enable event logging from ManagingEnergy Web Reports.

1.Open the Windows Registry Editor (Start | Run | regedt32)
2.Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\
3.Add a new Key called “ManagingEnergyWebReports”
4.Add a new Key to “ManagingEnergyWebReports” called “Web”
5.Right click “ManagingEnergyWebReports”, from the menu, select Edit->Permissions
6.Click the Add button and write ASPNET. (NOTE: if ASP.NET is running under a different user id, use that id instead)
7.Click OK
8.Select the newly added user from the list (ASP.NET Machine User by default)
9.Click on Full Control in the Allow column
10.Click OK
11.Restart IIS with the IISReset command (Start | Run | IISReset) or by using the stop and start buttons from the MMC console.         ©2017 Managing Energy Inc.