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Air Handler Optimal Start/Stop

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

Presently, the hours of operation of fans [AHU-01, AHU-02 and AHU-03] are not as tight as they could be.  The existing fan systems generally operate much longer hours than necessary.  This is to ensure occupancy comfort under all conditions.  Fans start earlier than necessary to ensure that the space is comfortable when occupants arrive, and stop later than necessary to keep the space comfortable during times of the year when the hours are longer.

Retrofit Conditions

We recommend programming the air handling units with the following strategies:

Scheduled start/stop with adaptive optimized startup.
Night setback of space temperature, both heating and cooling.
Unoccupied mode with fan cycling to maintain setback temperature range and no ventilation.
Holiday scheduling.
Night purge during cooling season, when nighttime outside temperature allows.

Further Benefits




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