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Replacement of Balcony Doors

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

The suite balcony doors are uninsulated wood panels with an aluminum screen door on the outside.  The insulation around the door frame is quite leaky or even non-existent in some suites.

Retrofit Conditions

The balcony doors and aluminum screen doors should be replaced with metal clad insulated doors.  This opportunity will cost an estimated xxx with a net annual savings of $8,683 and a simple payback of 18.2 years.   <This measure is included because there will be additional maintenance savings by replacing old defective doors with new maintenance-free doors.>

Further Benefits

Although the payback is long, the biggest benefit will be improved tenant comfort and satisfaction from the elimination of drafts around the doors.  Further, there will be fewer nuisance maintenance calls with the new maintenance-free doors.

Application Details


Issues and Concerns







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