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Reflective Panels Behind Hot Water Radiators

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Existing Conditions

Hot water radiators, mounted against exterior walls, deliver heat to the suites.  Much of the heat is radiated against the outside wall, rather than out into the occupied space.  The surface of the wall absorbs most of that radiant heat and then conducts it to adjacent wall areas and out through the insulation and building façade.  The colder it is outside, the more heat is conducted out through the walls.

<This is an older building, with very little wall insulation, making this heat loss even more significant than it would be in a new well-insulated building.>

Retrofit Conditions

Reflective panels can be installed behind hot water radiators to bounce radiant heat back into the room.  Less heat is absorbed by the outside wall to be conducted outside.

The silver reflective panels will be quite apparent on the walls behind the radiators.  We recommend doing a trial to confirm that the visual impact is acceptable.

Installation of reflective panels will increase the effective capacity of the radiators, and so should be accompanied by adjustment to heating plant controls.

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