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Parking Ramp Heating Control

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Existing Conditions

The parking garage ramp has a glycol <electrical> snow melting system to prevent ice forming on the slope.  The system is controlled to maintain a constant heating loop temperature, no matter what temperature it is outside, or whether snow or ice is present.  <The system is turned on manually at the start of each winter, and the electric elements come on automatically when the outside temperature goes below freezing, regardless whether snow or ice are present.>

Retrofit Conditions

Install ramp heating control.  We recommend installing a snow sensor and slab sensor, and controlling the ramp heating to operate only when required.  The ramp should be heated only if the slab drops below a certain temperature (2°C) and there has been recent precipitation (i.e. in the previous hour).

This kind of control can be provided by a special-purpose controller.  <This control strategy can be implemented by adding it to the existing building automation system.>

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