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Natural Gas Furnace Installation

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Existing Conditions

Assuming natural gas is available and significantly less expensive than electricity as a heat source.Building layout can accommodate ductwork where none exists at present. Applicable to an electrically-heated small building.

There are various electric baseboard heaters and electric forced air heaters in the xxx area.  Electric resistance heating is a very expensive way to heating a building when a less expensive fuel like natural gas is available.

Retrofit Conditions

It is recommended that the electric heaters be replaced with a natural gas fired condensing furnace with a programmable thermostat.  It is also recommended that a setback thermostat be installed to control the furnace, to reset space temperature to 15°C during unoccupied periods. Heated air would be ducted to <most> locations presently served by electric heaters.  <xxx and xxx would be difficult and cost-prohibitive to serve with new ducting, so electric heaters would probably have to be retained in those locations.>

Thet installation should include a commercial electronic thermostat (no batteries required), programmed to set back space temperature to 15°C during unoccupied periods.

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