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Maintenance of Condensate Return System

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

Condensate was observed to be pouring out of a condensate tank vent to a floor drain.  This indicates either malfunctioning steam traps or inadequate storage in the condensate return system.  This situation wastes energy, water, and treatment chemicals.   It also discharges chemically-treated water to the sewer system.

Retrofit Conditions

Inspect all steam traps and repair defective equipment.  If the problem persists, the condensate system should be reviewed in detail and modified to properly handle and return all of the condensate to the receiver tank.

Further Benefits

Repair of leaking steam traps and adequate sizing of the condensate system will have the following benefits which have not been included in the economic calculations:

Reduced environmental emissions and lower risk of associated penalties.
Reduced chemical costs.
Longer life expectancy of piping and auxiliaries because less makeup water will mean that less oxygen is introduced to the system.


Application Details


Issues and Concerns







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