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High Efficiency Domestic Water Heater

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

This facility has high DHW use for <showers> <kitchen> <laundry>, with heat provided by <electric heater tanks> <atmospheric heater tanks> <atmospheric boilers>.

Retrofit Conditions

The existing <heater tank> <boiler/tank combination> should be replaced with one or more <AO Smith Cyclone> <Bradford White EF Series> condensing heater tanks. This system operates at over 90% seasonal efficiency, and has been proven effective even in hard water areas.

The savings come from <substituting expensive electric heat source for a less expensive source (natural gas).  Electricity is approximately three times as expensive as the equivalent heating value of natural gas.> <greatly improving the heating efficiency (from 55% to 90% efficiency).>


Further Benefits



Application Details

water heaters that have the lowest energy cost and highest efficiency.

Not only for new facilities.  Be ready to replace failed units with efficient models.  It may even be economical to replace functioning units if they are especially inefficient.  Consider converting to a less expensive energy source.

Issues and Concerns



This recommendation is in accordance with Section 7.6 Service Water Heating Systems of the ASHRAE Standard on Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings.



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