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Demand-Based Exhaust Hood Control

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Existing Conditions

The kitchen has a cooking area air supply and exhaust system.  A 3hp exhaust fan draws air from the kitchen hood.  (6,700 cfm)  The fan runs at this high air flow during normal kitchen hours regardless of the ventilation requirements.  A make-up air unit with a 7.5 hp fan replaces the exhausted air.

Retrofit Conditions

Install a kitchen hood exhaust control system. Variable speed drives will be installed on the exhaust and make-up air fans.  The exhaust fan speed is to be controlled by exhaust stream temperature and smoke density.  The supply fan speed will be controlled to match the exhaust fan flow.  Melink Intellihood manufactures a control system specifically designed to provide this type of control.

The installation of an exhaust hood control system in the kitchen cooking area will have the following benefits:

Utility bill savings as summarized in the tables in Appendix F: Savings and Costing Calculations.
Improved employee comfort.

Further Benefits



Application Details


Issues and Concerns







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