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Control Compressor Room Exhaust Fan and Unit Heater

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  rev. 2008-11-25        

Existing Conditions

The compressor room exhaust fan runs constantly.  The large volume of unheated air entering the room is heated by the xxx kW electric unit heater, equipped with a basic integral thermostat.

Retrofit Conditions

The exhaust fan and unit heater should be retrofitted with accurate temperature-based control, using modern electronic thermostats.  The exhaust fan would be controlled by space temperature, set at about 30°C.  If the temperature exceeds the set point, the fan would start to cool the room.  Electrically-actuated dampers will also be added to the exhaust air intake and gravity dampers to the fan discharge, to prevent air infiltration when the fan is not in operation.  The unit heater will be controlled by an electronic thermostat set at about 10°C.

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