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32W T8 to 28W T8 Replacement

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Existing Conditions

Much of the lighting at this facility is newer T8 technology.  Technological advances in recent years allow replacement of this lighting with lower wattage lamps that can deliver the equivalent light for lower operating costs.

For a detailed listing of existing lamps, ballasts and fixtures, see the Lighting Survey Database Report in the appendices.

Retrofit Conditions

We recommend replacing all 4’ 32W lamps with newer 4’ 28W lamps.  The payback for this opportunity is relatively long, due to labour costs associated with the lamp change.  The payback is much shorter if building staff make the changes themselves.  This can be done either through replacing the lamps when staff is available, or replacing lamps as the old lamps burn out.

For a more detailed description of the individual measures, as well as a room by room fixture savings and costs analysis, see the Lighting Summary table in the appendices.

Further Benefits



Application Details


Issues and Concerns

There may be some incompatibility issues between 28W and 25W T8's and Rapid Start ballasts.  We recommend testing a small area before confirming a building-wide retrofit.






Use built-in features of to perform room-by-room fixture selection, and to calculate savings and costing.

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