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Business and Sustainability

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  rev. 15/09/2010        

Every industry faces its own unique issues related to its traditional business practices, which may include risk factors like:

Skills shortages
Supply chain risk
Occupational health and safety risk
Reporting risk
Political and community risks around major capital projects
Reputational risk

Sustainability is a complex and over-arching concern that intersects each of these.  It adds a management process and compliance burden, but also a chance to place your organization at the head of the pack, ready for the future.

Those who embrace sustainability; who take a firm grasp on how non-financial issues affect the bottom line; will be the least exposed to tightening regulations and the most ready to take advantage of strategic value-creation opportunities.

Getting Help

For most corporate leaders and managers, this is all new.  Accounting and consulting firms are establishing expert advisory services to help their clients navigate this new world. Managing Energy Inc. is forging links with these firms, and delivering powerful information tools for managing corporate sustainability.

Our goal is to deliver systems that

Are complete and effective at meeting client needs.
Are intuitive to use.
Integrate easily with other systems and services.
Adapt quickly to regulatory and market changes.

Email us to discuss integrating ManagingEnergy into your sustainability processes.


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