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  rev. 22/12/2010        

ManagingEnergy easily handles thousands of buildings in a portfolio, but you don't have to work with them all at once.   Users can see only those buildings they have privileges for, but even if you have access to every site, you can quickly filter the list.

Groups and Alternate Identifiers

Buildings can be organized into groups based on any criteria you like.  Geographic, cost centres, function...  A building can be a member of any number of groups.

You can also define and tag buildings and other objects with Alternate Identifiers, which are aid in integrating existing enterprise applications.

Quick Search

Type in a few letters, hit enter, and this function will find all the sites with that text anywhere in the facility code, building name, address, membership groups, or alternate identifiers.

Advanced Search

Use advanced search where you have to get more specific.  Criteria can include building age, floor area, and other characteristics.

Our filter features were developed working with clients with hundreds and thousands of buildings and meters.

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