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  rev. 04/07/2011        

The Portfolio is the top-most object that exists in a database.  A portfolio represents a group of buildings, or a building portfolio as it is commonly  referred to, in the users documentation.  Portfolios are stored in a table called tblProject.  Portfolio is a term that was born out of trying to unravel some of the confusion for our clients.  Portfolios used to be called projects, and that is why the field projectID appears throughout the database.  The term projectID and portfolioID should be considered Interchangeable for the purposes of this document.

Here is the first level of the relationship hierarchy in the database starting with the Portfolio table:



 The above tables have a direct relationship with tblProject.  The tables below have an indirect relationship with tblProject in that the ProjectId field is not linked to the parent field.  The relationship is maintained via a trigger on tblProject.  This allows us to add values that do not exist in the projects table in order to represent a globally available item.


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