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Stored Procedures

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  rev. 19/10/2010        

The ManagingEnergy client database contains many stored procedures .  Most of these stored procedures are not used by the application but instead are used by the WebReports online reporting system.  Future development that centers around moving the application from the Microsoft Access platform to a stand alone .exe application will require more stored procedure development to facilitate data manipulation.

Stored procedures in ManagingEnergy are to be prefixed with the proc_ tag and either contain the table name they are accessing and the function they are serving (select, insert, update, delete) or a descriptive name that describes what it is the procedure does (ie. proc_GetMeterConsumptionCostData).  If the stored procedure is providing data for a report then it should include the name of the report in the name of the procedure.

When developing stored procedures for ManagingEnergy the code should be documented.



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