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Utility Meters

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  rev. 04/07/2011        

The meter represents an actual utility meter.  A utility meter is based upon predefined utility providers that  exist in the database.  A meter, as defined in ManagingEnergy, is really just a collection of different meter components.  Components represent the individual items that appear on a utility invoice.  For instance, kWh consumed is a single item on the invoice as well as consumption rate and bill total.  The utility provider is the defined meter component framework from which each meter is created.  A complete discussion of meter components exists in the application help file.

Meters are stored in a table named tblUtMeters and the components associated with the meters are stored in tblUtMeterComponents.



The providers table does not have a direct relationship to tblUtMeters but does have an update trigger to update any name changes on the provider name and delete any meters where the provider is deleted.


The meter components table tblUtMeterComponents maintains a relationship with tblUtAdjustmentDetails, tblOppImpact and tblUtMeterBillAmounts via update and delete triggers on the table.



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