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Restoring a Production DB to devserver

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  rev. 2012-06-19        

Here is the process that can be followed to restore a production database to the test/development database (based on Aegent and EDU).  As of May 2012.

1.        Noman creates a backup of the production database in H:\MEI Development\Aegent_backup on SQLSERVER2.

a)        Alternatively, Noman can request the most recent nightly backup

b)        In this case, Dana can find the file in G:\Databases\Backup\MEC_MOE on SQLSERVER2.

2.        Noman asks Dana to compress the backup file.

3.        Dana compresses the file, moving it to H:\MEI Development\Aegent_backup if required

4.        Noman connects to DEVSERVER via RDP, and copies the file from \\sqlserver2\MEI Development\Aegent_backup to C:\Storage\MECDB

5.        Noman extracts the compressed backup file

6.        Noman restores the database

7.        Noman adds user NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE with role ‘MEC_storedproc_execute’ to the database

8.        Noman removes any unneeded backup files from both \\sqlserver2\MEI Development\Aegent_backup and C:\Storage\MECDB to save disk space.

I believe we’ve confirmed so far that steps 1-3 work, except Dana needs to confirm she can access G:\Databases\Backup\MEC_MOE on SQLSERVER2.

Noman, please test steps 4 and on. I’ve created a test archive in \\sqlserver2\MEI Development\Aegent_backup so you can quickly test the copying in step 4. You can test the rest of the steps using C:\Storage\MECDB \


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