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Editing Survey Forms

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  rev. 18/04/2011        

Survey forms for Physical Details are stored in the database as XML records.  The content of those forms can be edited in XML files located at:

\\devserver\Hudson\jobs\Managing Energy (DEV)\workspace\Applications\Windows\MEC Survey Forms

Once you are done editing forms, they can be uploaded to the DEV database with a single step.  Test that your changes are working as expected in DEV, and then have a developer check them into RC.

Cosmetic Repairs

Cosmetic repairs are obvious and straightforward changes to the either the user interface or outputs that can be undertaken by non-programmer internal staff.  They would typically be done quickly by a domain expert or the product manager without the need to drive the formal development process.

Examples of cosmetic repairs include:

1.Spelling corrections
2.Changes in list options in a combo box
3.Changes in label text on a form or report.
4.Adding or editing help text.

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