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  rev. 18/04/2011        

Reports are created and edited using the Component One C1ReportDesigner accessed within the ComponentOne Studio.NET program group on any computer with Component One report designer installed.  You can install it by running C1StudioNET2_T307_Setup.exe or the most recent version ("T307" indicates release date in the 3rd quarter of 2007) from the Downloads disk.

The production copy of the reports is located in a single file, \\appserver\Inetpub\wwwroot\ManagingEnergy\MECWebReportsV2\Secure\reports.xml.

Follow this process when editing reports:

Make a copy of the reports.xml file in the same directory, including the date in the filename, as a backup.
Copy the reports.xml file to your local machine, maybe the desktop.
Make the changes on the local copy.
Copy the local copy onto appserver, replacing the production copy.
Test it right away.  If there are any problems, remove the new copy from appserver and replace it with the backup.

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