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Creating a New User Group

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  rev. 25/04/2008        
1.Run Active Directory Users & Computers on EXCHSERVER
2.Expand Organizational Unit EEI TS Users - Client Groups and right click, New, Group
Enter Name reflecting client name, global scope, security type.
Click Next, Uncheck create Exchange email. Finish.
3.Double click new group, click Member Of tab. Add this new group to the EEI TS Users.
4.Create a new folder on the R:\ (client media) shared drive that is based on the client organization name.
5.Set the following security permissions on the folder:
Right click, Properties, click Security tab.
Remove “Allow Inheritable permissions” option, then choose Remove
Add EEI MEcom Maintenance and EEI Staff at Full Control.  Add the ASPNET user with Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read permissions.
Add the company user group created in step 2 and click advanced permissions. On this group click View/Edit and set to full control except for following settings which should be set to deny:

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