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Closing a Zendesk issue

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  rev. 25/02/2011        

When a ticket is resolved it is to be set to Pending.  This signifies to Zendesk and all involved that Managing Energy Inc. (MEI) support staff believe the issue is resolved.  Either:

1)  A fix has been posted to the production version of the system (or at least to a version the user can test and verify that the fix works).


2)  No fix was required.  An explanation has been sent to the requester on how the system/feature works, or an acceptable work around has been provided.

When a ticket is set to Pending, the Zendesk agent will e-mail the original requester letting them know the solution and asking them to confirm that this solution resolves their problem, or that they understand how the system is intended to function.

If the requester responds back stating that the ticket is truly resolved then the Zendesk agent should go in to the ticket and set it to Solved.

A Zendesk automation has been turned on so that if the user doesn't respond back to a Pending ticket after 4 days (Zendesk doesn't currently tell the difference between a work day and a weekend so to get 5 business days it had to be set for 7 days total to closed) Zendesk automatically sets the ticket to Solved.  As part of this automation, Zendesk e-mails the requester and lets them know that we haven't heard back in 4 days and that the ticket is now deemed solved.  However, it lets them know that they have another 3 days to readdress the issue before the ticket is Closed.

After 7 days of a ticket being considered solved by us and the end user initially notified of the fact, there is another automation which Closes the ticket.  A closed ticket can't be reopened so if a user continues to have the same problem they would need to open a new ticket.  NOTE:  You can create a Follow Up ticket to a closed ticket.  This should create a New, Unassigned Ticket that references the old ticket and copies over all of the fields except for the old comments.

It is important that if a ticket gets set to Solved and the requester details further problems that the Zendesk ticket gets reset to a Status of Open.  Otherwise, after 7 days of the ticket being set to Pending it will automatically close itself and send out the close notice.

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