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All interaction with the ManagingEnergy system occurs through an instance of the ManagingEnergy.ManagingEnergyAPI object. The constructor of ManagingEnergyAPI shown below requires, as a parameter, an instantiated implementation of an IManagingEnergyDataAdaptor with which the API may interact with the underlying data.

/// <summary>

/// Constructor

/// </summary>

/// <param name="dataAdaptor">The underlying data adaptor</param>

public ManagingEnergyAPI(Data.IManagingEnergyDataAdaptor dataAdaptor)



The API includes a class ManagingEnergy.Data.MSSQL.SQLAdaptor, which implements the IManagingEnergyDataAdaptor interface and works with the legacy Microsoft SQL databases used in the Microsoft Access based version of ManagingEnergy.

// Create an instance of the MSSQL implementation of the IManagingEnergyDataAdaptor

ManagingEnergy.Data.IManagingEnergyDataAdaptor sqlDataAdaptor = new ManagingEnergy.Data.MSSQL.SqlAdaptor("Data Source=sqlserver;Integrated Security=True;");


// create an instance of the API

ManagingEnergy.ManagingEnergyAPI api = new ManagingEnergy.ManagingEnergyAPI(sqlDataAdaptor);


At this point the API instance may be used to work with ManagingEnergy objects, such as Portfolios, Facilities and Meters.

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